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Travel to Chugoku Shikoku Region

Chugoku region consists of the south west part of Honshu Island. An alternative name for the region is the San-in San'yo ChihoChugoku includes five prefectures: Okayama, Shimane, Hiroshima, Tottori and Yamaguchi. Chugoku is heavily industrialized along its Pacific Coast but much more rural in its mountainous interior and along the Sea of Japan Coast. The weather in the region is similar to that in Kansai and Kanto with heavy snowfall in the winters along the Sea of Japan Coast and hot and humid days in summer. 

Shikoku is Japan's fourth largest island, southwest of Japan's main island Honshu. True to its name, Shikoku is divided into four prefectures: Ehime, Kochi, Kagawa and Tokushima.