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NOV. 27, 2020 (FRI) - DEC. 9, 2020 (WED) 

Leave Daniel K. Inouye Int’l Airport. Dinner and Breakfast will be served aboard the flight. Free Movies and Drinks.

NOV. 28 (Sat) KOBE,
Arrive at Kansai Airport and after clearing government formalities, By bus to Rokko Island, Kobe. We’ll stay at luxury hotel with Onsen Hot spring bath located close to monorail station and convenience store.

In the morning, catch a ferry sailing through Seto Inland Sea National Park to Shodoshima Island, which is a very attractive spot with its Mediterranean atmosphere called "Island of Olives" because the island is birth place of olive cultivation in Japan. This island is also well known as the filming location of popular movie "Twenty-Four Eyes", story of a school teacher & her first students of class in the lead up to WWII. Visit Twenty-Four Eyes Movie village movie set used for the filming are preserved. Entire reconstructed village including a school house, old houses, etc., convey a nostalgic atmosphere of past decades. Later visit the Marukin Shoyu Factory producing shoyu which has a long and proud tradition of producing soy sauce dating back over 400 years as Shodoshima's warm climate and low rainfall proved to be well-suited to soy sauce production. And visit another local delicacy, Somen noodle (a very thin wheat noodle) Museum. Enjoy watching demonstration of Traditional methods of preparation continue unchanged since 400 years ago. We'll stay at a refined resort hotel offer a gorgeous view of gentle ocean. Soak and Relax in Onsen Hot spring bath and Open air bath overlooking Seto Inland sea.

Ride a Ropeway to go up to the breathtaking Kankakei Gorge. It ranks "One of the top three most beautiful gorges in Japan". The stark cliffs and expressive rock formations provide stunning scenery. It's particularly spectacular during Autumn color with combination of rocks shaped into unusual formation. From upper station, you can see fantastic panoramic view of islands and peaceful Seto Inland Sea over the gorge. Visit Olive Park, offers attractive walking paths through the century old groves of olive trees. You may feel as if you are in Mediterranean island. Then catch a ferry to Takamatsu, central city in Shikoku. Hotel is located close to Takamatsu station & its shopping area. After hotel check in, we'll take you Holo Holo around the hotel.

Visit Ritsurin park, absolutely "One of the finest landscape gardens in Japan." This stroll-type landscape garden is exquisitely laid out with mounds, ponds, rocks and trees. It'll be in the season when the garden gets turned to Autumn color. After enjoy famous local cuisine, Sanuki Udon lunch, go to Besshi Copper mine, had operated for 283 years since 1691 and once was the world’s biggest copper producing mine. We'll visit its Museum praised as one of the most distinguished mine museums in Japan. We'll ride on miner train and walk inside of actual mine with dolls of miners showing how hard the work used to be. Then proceed to Imabari. Our hotel is a nice city hotel with Onsen Hot spring bath and Open air bath.

Imabari is known for production of world’s highest quality towels using only the highest quality raw materials. It is highly praised as the comfort, reliability and safety towel. Visit Towel Museum. See the process of making towel. You can also purchase “high quality Imabari Towel” from many varieties. Later enjoy driving on Shimanami Kaido (highway above Seto Inland sea) with its spectacular island-to-island bridges, while enjoying the luxurious multi-isle beauty of the ocean. Visit Murakami Kaizoku (Feudal Navy) Museum which commemorates a Samurai who sailed this area 500 years ago. The museum displays valuable literature & unearthed articles used by the Kaizoku Navy to give you a memorable insight of the Samurai Navy’s history. Then proceed to Dogo in Matsuyama, the oldest hot spring in Japan, with 3,000 years history! After hotel check in, tour guide will take you to Dogo Hot Spring main building, a proud symbol of the town which built in 1894. This historical edifice is the first hot springs facility designated as National important cultural asset. In the evening, enjoy delicious Kaiseki dinner with Grilled Abalone! Soaking and relaxing in Onsen Hot Spring bath with Open air bath.

Go to Uchiko to visit its celebrated Old town with beautiful street lined with large, stylish, wealthy local merchant houses from 19th century to Meiji Era. Feel a vestige of traditional, rural Japan when you walk around the historical district. Then proceed to Uwajima, known as the biggest producer of pearl in Japan. Stop at Pearl Center to enjoy shopping for fine quality Japanese pearls. Also visit Tenshaen Garden, a quaint lovely Japanese garden built in 1866. Wonder at its tranquility as you roam the serene grounds. It'll be in right season when the garden turns to Autumn color (depending on climate of the year). Visit Osakanakan Aquarium showcases fish and fauna of Shimanto River. You may exclaim in surprise when you see impressively giant fishes and very attractive & naturalistic displays of river fish. Later drive along Shimanto River, the longest river in Shikoku known as "Japan’s last remaining limpid stream". See a crystal clear river flows on the way to hotel. Soaking and relaxing in Onsen Hot Spring bath.

DEC. 4 (Fri) KOCHI,
Visit Nishioka Sake Brewery, has over 230 years history. Kochi’s Sake is said to be Smooth, Dry and a treasure of Kochi. We will see place where local sake is made and taste their Sake and enjoy shopping. Traditional Japanese handmade paper "Washi" has been catching world’s attention since the registration of Unesco’s Intangible cultural heritage of humanity lists in 2014 and Kochi is one of premier paper making locations in Japan with a 1,000 years history. We will challenge making our own traditional Tosa Washi paper. You can also learn the history & tradition of beautiful Tosa Washi paper & purchase it. Then go to Tosa Knives Distribution Center to enjoy shopping for their product from 3,000 selections and learn about Tosa knives that have over 800 years of history as a traditional industry originated from Samurai sword making. We'll also see "Shokunin (craftsman)" making their products. We'll stay at city resort hotel located in center of Kochi City, on the southern coast of Shikoku.

DEC. 5 (Sat) KOCHI,
Go to Nishijima Flower Garden. There are a lot of tropical flowers filling all over the garden as well as variety of fruits. We will enjoy tasting fresh and juicy Japanese Melon and Water Melon. Kochi became popular because of 2010 NHK's Historical drama "Ryomaden" story about Sakamoto Ryoma who was born in Kochi & has always been one of Japan's favorite historical figures. We'll visit Sakamoto Ryoma Museum, to learn his history, works and the turbulent times before the Meiji Restoration in 1868. At lunch time, taste Kochi's most famous dish "Katsuo-no Tataki" which is lightly broiled sliced Bonito. Those who wish to you can try toasting Katsuo (Bonito) by yourself. We'll also visit picturesque Katsurahama beach where Ryoma's notable large statue stands. You can feel the strong sense of honor and dignity amongst the local people. Those who wish to, go to symbol of the city "Kochi Castle" A well preserved, original hilltop castle built in 17th century.(climbing up steps)

DEC. 6 (Sun) NARUTO,
Kochi is home to Japan’s oldest outdoor marketplace. Visit Sunday Market, the most notable street market which has been held since 1690. More than 500 stalls sell Kochi’s varied local products such as Local crafts, antiques, clothes, fruits, etc. Then drive by Oboke Great valleys with magnificent scenery of the rapids rushing through the gorge with sheer rocks. We'll visit Kazura (Vine) Bridge, one of three weirdest bridges in Japan along with Kintaikyo bridge and Saruhashi bridge. This 148ft long bridge is made of vine & suspended 50ft high above stream. Then proceed to nice resort hotel located in Seto inland sea National park in front of Naruto strait. Enjoy soaking & relaxing in Onsen Hot Spring Bath with a beautiful ocean view. Enjoy delicious buffet dinner in the evening featuring local seafood, vegetables, etc.

DEC. 7 (Mon) KOBE,
Head to Awajishima Island, largest island in the Seto Inland Sea and has a unique atmosphere different from Japan’s mainland. In the morning enjoy Uzushio (Whirling tides) Viewing Cruise. Enjoy fantastic experience with viewing the world-level whirlpool right up close on a large pleasure boat. Later visit Tako senbei-no Sato, the shop making famous Octopus chips. You can taste and buy many different flavored chips at the factory shop. Also enjoy shopping for Incense, Aroma, Senko etc. Awaji Island has the highest production of incense which uses natural scents to bring an authentic Japanese ambiance, calming, restorative and invigorating. Later drive over Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, known as the world's longest suspension bridge (2.4 Miles long) to Kobe. Our hotel is conveniently located close to Kobe’s popular shopping and amusement area where you can enjoy shopping as well as the beautiful sights and tastes of Kobe. Tour guide will take you Holo Holo to Shopping mall after hotel check in.

DEC. 8 (Tue) KOBE,
Stop at local Tsukemono pickles shop carries "Konanzuke", high grade vegetable pickles made with Nada sake lees which has 150 years tradition. Head to Mt. Rokko to visit Hall of Halls Rokko exhibit music boxes and automatic musical instruments including one of the world’s largest dance organ. It's amazing to see their fabulous music performances using many different real instruments. After enjoy shopping and lunch at AEON Shopping center, visit Kobe Animal Kingdom, a fun and relaxing theme park featuring lovely birds, animals and beautiful flowers. Enjoy walking around huge greenhouse filled with fully bloomed colorful flowers and birds, fish and other creatures. After going back to the hotel, Free time to continue shopping, packing, etc. (Lunch & Dinner will be at your own expense)

At check-out time we will come around to tape and tie-up the boxes and take the baggage’s to be checked-in down. By bus to Kansai Int’l Airport to catch a flight in the night to Honolulu. Arrive in Honolulu the same morning, Dec. 9. 2020 (Wed). After clearing U.S. Customs, proceed home. (Lunch & dinner will be at your own expense.)

Clients remaining back will be assisted in obtaining plane, train and hotel reservations. Members may return to Honolulu individually, but no later than 90 days from day of departure. Weekend returns will cost more per person. Please call our office if you are extending your stay. MAHALO!

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