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February 21, 2009(saturday)/ #2 5 Peninsula Flower Viewing Tour 13D-TOUR Similar to previous year's tour #2
  • All meals are included. except March 04,05, (only breakfast included)
  • Limit to one bus
  • Departure Date February 21, 2009(saturday)
    Tour Guide Gary Tsumoto
    Air Japan Airlines
    DATE: February 08, 2009 (SUN) at 12 Noon
    PLACE: Hawaii Tokai International College Cafeteria
    2241 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii

    Feb. 21(saturday) Honolulu
    Leave Honolulu Int’l Airport via Japan Airlines flight. Lunch and a Snack will be served aboard the flight. FREE MOVIES and DRINKS.
    Feb. 22(sunday) Narita Hotel Okura Chiba
    Arrive at Narita Int’l Airport and after clearing government formalities, by bus to the hotel in Chiba City. There is a SPA (big bath & Jacuzzi) at the top floor of the hotel. Soak and relax after the long flight, or just relax at the hotel.
    Feb. 23(monday) Katsuura Hotel Blue Berry Hill Katsuura
    Visit Chiba Port Tower to enjoy a panoramic view of City and Tokyo Bay. Later proceed to Boso Peninsula to visit Himeharu no Sato Park, a recreational place featuring beautiful natural mountain scenery. If the timing is right, you will see Ume(Plum) and Nano-hana (Rape Blossom) which bloom during this season. This is a very good place for taking a refreshing stroll. Then proceed to Katsuura to see the Big Hina Doll Festival, “one of the biggest Girls Day Festivals in Japan”. Over 20,000 Hina Dolls are displayed in town. 1,200 Hina Dolls displayed on the 60 steps of the stairs to the shrine are a highlight. Our hotel is a resort hotel surrounded by a huge park. Good chance to enjoy a morning walk around the hotel
    Feb. 24 (tuesday) Tomiura Tomiura Royal Hotel
    Proceed to the famous Kamogawa Sea World, best known for its “Killer Whale Show” as well as the “Dolphin Show”. {Watch out for the splashing water when you see the killer whale show}! Also enjoy the company of over 800 marine animals at this theme park. Later enjoy driving along the popular Boso Flower Road, a beautiful coastline road in the southwestern part of Boso Peninsula, which has been officially designated as “one of Japan’s 100 best roads”. Visit Nambo Paradise Botanical Garden, a heaven of exotic flowers, plants and animals. It has a number of attractions to enjoy including an observation tower, and a series of greenhouses that hold various beautiful and exotic plants. Our hotel is a famous resort in the east coast of Boso Peninsula with a big public bath and Rotenburo (but not an Onsen Hot Spring).
    Feb. 25 (wednesday) Yokohama Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel
    Visit Nihon Temple, with the “most impressive and historical Big Stone Buddha (Daibutsu) in Japan”. It is 101 feet tall and 200 years old. Next we will ride a ferryboat to Kurihama in Miura Peninsula. We will enjoy “Strawberry Picking” after lunch. Then go to Yokosuka, home to one of the biggest military seaports shared by the United States Navy and the Maritime Self-defense Force of Japan. Visit Mikasa Park, home to the historic warship “Mikasa”, which once led Japan’s fleet to defeat attackers during the Russo-Japanese War. Today Battleship Mikasa is a maritime museum and “one of the only three memorial warships in the world”. Then head to YOKOHAMA. Our hotel is located within easy walking distance of department stores, big electronics store, 100 yen shop and an underground shopping area.
    Feb. 26 (thursday) Atami Atami New Fujiya Hotel (onsen)
    Proceed to Enoshima Island, blessed with the abundant beauty of nature and the sea. Visit Enoshima Shrine, known for its rather unusual naked statue of Benzaiten. Next to Odawara Castle, originally built in 1417 and rebuilt in 1960. You can get a good view of the city from the top floor. A flower garden and small zoo are in the Castle Park. Then to Atami in Izu Peninsula, one of the leading hot spring resorts in Japan. Visit Atami Plum Garden with about 800 plum trees that are usually in bloom until the end of March. Our hotel has a TENBO ROTENBURO (Open Air Onsen Bath with a view) on the top floor. You can also “Go Holo-Holo” in the town around the hotel wearing the Yukata.
    Feb. 27 (friday) Shimoda Shimoda Prince Hotel (onsen)
    Proceed to Inatori Town to see the Hanging Hina-Doll Festival. From ancient times, the people of this area put up a pair of ornaments decorated with many kinds of dolls on both sides of the tiered stand for dolls during the Girls Day Festival (Hinamatsuri), with a wish for their children’s happiness. We will have lunch at Izu Bio Park. There is a zoo and Plumb tree garden in the park where you can enjoy strolling after lunch. Later visit the Kawazu Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival to see the beautiful early blooming Sakura along the bank of the river if the timing is right. Then enjoy a famous activity in the Izu area, “Mikan (tangerine) Picking”. Have some fun, “Picking Your Own Japanese Orange (tangerine).” Our hotel is located in front of a beautiful beach. Good chance to “Soak in the HOT SPRING BATH”!
    Feb. 28 (saturday) Izu Nagaoka Hotel Sun Valley (onsen)
    Pass by and enjoy the scenery of Dogashima’s natural beauty, with dramatic rock formations facing the ocean. Visit Dogashima’s Orchid Sanctuary, the biggest orchid garden in the orient. The Sanctuary grows more than 8,000 types of orchid. 300,000 flowers such as Cattleya, Cymbidium, etc. are blooming. Next visit Matsubara Park, to see the World’s Biggest Flower Clock. Then proceed to the Joren Waterfall, “one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan (height 82 ft., width 23 ft.)”, surrounded by a pristine forest. Good chance to Soak and Relax in the ONSEN (HOT SPRING) BATH!
    March 01( sunday) Tsumagoi Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi (onsen)
    Visit Kakitagawa River Park, famous for the clarity of its spring water that comes through the underground from Mt. Fuji. You can experience how cold the spring water actually is by putting your hand into the water. Next visit Numazu Goyotei Memorial Park an Imperial Villa built in 1893 for the Taisho Emperor. In the vast 15-hectare park, you can see old pine trees, as well as plum and peach trees. Also see traditional Hina Dolls during this time of the season. After lunch, proceed to Makinohara Japanese Tea Garden to see the process of tea production. Shizuoka is Japan’s No. 1 Producer of Green Tea. Enjoy shopping at their “Direct Merchant Shop” and “Free Tea Service”. Later visit Kakegawa Kacho-en Flower Garden with its fabulous flowers and lovely birds etc. You can enjoy walking in the park and forest. Our hotel also has an Onsen Hot Spring that you can visit by using the hotel shuttle bus.
    March 02(monday) Irago Irago Garden Hotel
    In the morning, proceed to Kakegawa Castle, known as the Castle of Yamanouchi Kazutoyo. It is popular as “one of the most beautiful castles in the Tokai area”. We will stop along the way for picture taking. Next enjoy a Tour of the Yamaha Grand Piano Factory. Shizuoka is well known for producing almost 100% of Japan made pianos. Experience the new line-up of its musical instruments and pianos with their 100-year-history, which are loved by users all over the world including professional pianists. Then visit the huge AEON Shopping Center for shopping and lunch. Later proceed to our hotel at the tip of Cape Irago in Atsumi Peninsula. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and view the beautiful sunset from the Grand Bath in the hotel. {Sorry Not an Onsen Hot Spring Bath}.
    March 03(tuesday) Nagoya Hotel Castle Plaza Nagoya
    Atsumi Peninsula is known as “Flower Country”. We will drive along Flower Road with Rape Blossoms blooming during this season. Proceed to catch a ferryboat to Chita Peninsula. Visit Sakana Hiroba Fish Market to enjoy shopping for dried seafood. Also visit the Ajino Yakata Morita Factory, which makes Sake, Miso and Shoyu. Learn the history and process of making these products Then visit Ebi Senbei no Sato, the shop making the famous “Shrimp Chips”. You can taste lots of different flavored Shrimp Chips at the factory shop. . Later go to Nagoya, the Central City in Japan, and our hotel located close to the underground shopping mall. Good chance to enjoy shopping before going home.
    March 04(wednesday) Nagoya Hotel Castle Plaza Nagoya
    FREE DAY TO CONTINUE SHOPPING, ETC. Good chance to visit Nagoya Castle or go to the Tokugawa Museum via the subway (Optional). You can also visit the Local Wholesale Market located right behind our hotel. Your rooms are paid for but meals, (LUNCH & DINNER) will be at your own expense to let you eat your favorite dishes before returning home. We will give everyone a carton box to use for packing their gifts. (2 Pieces Per Person Baggage Allowance. The member will pay for any excess).
    March 05 (thursday) depart for Honolulu (only breakfast included this day)
    At checkout time we will come around to tape and tie-up the boxes and take the baggage’s to be checked-in down. In the afternoon, proceed to Chubu (Centrair) Int’l Airport to catch a Japan Airlines flight in the evening to Honolulu. Arriving the same morning, MARCH 05, 2009 (THURSDAY). After clearing U.S. Customs proceed home. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR JOINING OUR TOHOKU TRAVEL’S NEW 5 PENINSULA FLOWER VIEWING TOUR #2! Clients remaining back will be assisted in obtaining train, plane and hotel reservations. Members may return to Honolulu individually, but no later than 3 months from day of departure. Weekend returns will cost more per person. Please call our office for more details. MAHALO! {LUNCH will be at your own expense, DINNER on the plane}.

    Narita, Katsuura, Tomiura, Yokohama, Atami, Shimoda, Nagaoka, Tsumagoi, Irago, Nagoya.