Departure date: 9 May (Mon) 2022

Return date: 21 May (Sat) 2022



Leave Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. A meal and snack will be served aboard the flight. Free Movies and Drinks.



Arrive at Narita International Airport and after clearing entry formalities, proceed by bus to our hotel in Tsukuba, Japan’s “Science City” filled with relaxing mood with many parks and open spaces. Hotel is close to shopping area. Enjoy “Holo-Holo” after hotel check in.



Visit Ashikaga Flower Park. The entire park will be filled with seasonal flowers during this season. You can experience a 260 feet long tunnel of Golden Chain Tree (Laburnum) and see 500 varieties of Roses in color of red, yellow, orange, and white, blooming in the garden. (Blooming level depends on climate of the year). Then go to Sano known for its famous Ramen with a rich deep flavored of Shoyu broth and curly noodles. We will eat Sano Ramen for lunch. Later visit Okanbara Azalea Garden where 3,000 azalea and 2,000 rhododendron blooming. The scenery of hills covered in colorful azaleas is particularly impressive. Later, head to beautiful Lake Inawashiro, called “Heaven’s mirror lake” renowned as having one of the world’s highest pristine clearest lakes. We will stay at resort hotel offers magnificent views of the lake from your room. Enjoy a relaxing soak at the Onsen Hot Spring Bath and Open-Air Bath with a beautiful lake view.



Go to Aizu-Wakamatsu, called the "Samurai City" retains a strong sense of history as a former castle town of Tsurugajo castle that gained fame as an impenetrable fortress when it withstood heavy attacks during the Boshin Civil War in 1868 during Meiji Restoration. We will visit the castle tower that features reddish roof tiles that is the only one in Japan. The white walls and red roof tiles harmonize beautifully like a Crane (Tsuru), hence the castle's name. Later visit Janohana Yurakuen Garden that 500 years old Purple wisteria bloom in 300 feet wooden trellises. The garden features a traditional two-story Janohana Palace that's been designated as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property and built as a second house for a wealthy farmer in the Meiji period. Then head to Sendai the largest city in the Tohoku region and known as a modern city within the harmony of nature. Hotel is located next to Outlet mall and Shopping complex.



Head to Hiraizumi, first World Heritage Site in Tohoku region. Visit National treasure Konjikido (Golden Hall) within Chusonji Temple, which built in 1124 to recreate an ideal Buddhist “Pure Land” or "Jodo" meaning Paradise in this world. This hall is praised as a marvelous example of spiritual and cultural achievement in the region. After enjoying a local mochi dish for lunch, visit Esashi Fujiwara Heritage Park, a magnificent historical theme park recreates the glory of the Oshu-Fujiwara clan in 12th century. About 120 historical buildings such as brilliant castle fortifications, palace structures, government offices, etc., are accurately recreated. The park has been used as a shooting location for many Samurai movies and television series including NHK’s Taiga dramas. Here you can imagine yourself living during the Heian period (794-1185) the history and culture of a legendary era. Tonight we will stay at Mountain resort hotel surrounded by breathtaking scenery with stunning views of two scenic mountains, Mt. Iwate and Mt. Hachimantai. Enjoy a relaxing soak at the Onsen Hot Spring Bath and Open-Air Bath with a beautiful view of nature and mountains.



In the morning, having fun Picking Strawberry in season. You can taste fresh and sweet Japanese Strawberries as many as you like! Later visit Osarizawa Mine, had been operating from 708 to 1978. As the legend goes the gold mined here was used for Chusonji Konjikido hall that we visit a day before. Part of the mining tunnels are exposed for visitors to experience to view original mining zone preserved as it used to be from Edo period. Then visit Akita Dog Museum where famous Akita dog "Hachiko" was born. A story of this very faithful dog is well known all over the world. We will see Hachiko's statue and real Akita dog at the museum. Then head to Hirosaki. Our hotel is located close to Hirosaki train station. After hotel check in, tour guide will take you “Holo-Holo” near the hotel.



Head to Aomori and visit Warasse Nebuta Festival Museum dedicated to all aspects of the liveliest event in Aomori “Nebuta Festival.” You will see Gigantic and Colorful floats that were used during the festival. Feel the spirited and electrifying atmosphere of “One of Japan’s best known and biggest Summer events” that attracts 3 million visitors annually. Then we will proceed to Aomori station to ride Hokkaido Shinkansen bullet train to get to Hokkaido. As we cross to Hakodate in southern Hokkaido, via the Seikan Undersea Tunnel that is 33.5 miles long and the second world longest railway tunnel. Upon arrival visit Goryokaku park, Japan’s first western style fort with its 5-pointed star-shape that is known as the last battle ground of the Boshin Civil War. We will get a bird’s eye view at 351 feet from the Observatory Tower. Enjoy the amazing view of a huge star shape park along with the whole city of Hakodate. Tonight, we will stay at a City hotel with Hot Spring Bath. After dinner, go up to Mt. Hakodate (if you wish to) by cable car to see night view of Hakodate. Its beautiful nightscape is ranked one of the best three night views in the world along with Naples and Hong Kong.



We will visit the famous Hakodate Morning market with about 250 stores selling Hokkaido delicacies such as dried seafood, sweets, snacks, processed seafood products, etc. With a vibrant and lively atmosphere (walking distance from the hotel). Then by bus to Oniushi Park to see Cherry blossoms (Sakura). If timing is right, 500 Sakura trees will be in seasonal bloom. Then go to Lake Toya, praised as one of Hokkaido’s three most impressive landscapes also, the venue of G8 Summit in 2008. We will visit a Special National Monument “Showa Shinzan volcano” one of Japan’s youngest mountains created between 1944-1945. With its active vents spewing sulfurous fumes now. Hotel is located close to AEON supermarket. After hotel check in, tour guide will take you shopping.



Visit Chitose Salmon Aquarium. See salmon and a variety of freshwater fishes in the northern ecosystem. You can peer inside the Chitose river in Japan’s first “underwater observation room”. We will participate in the release of baby salmon into river that is available only during this season. Later enjoy extraordinary experience at Bear Mountain where you will get a chance to see closer the brown bear, the largest land animal in Japan. Here you can safely see them living in a real forest up close from caged bus. Afterward, go to Shichiku Garden, one of Tokachi’s most renowned sites. It features a large area with various kinds of seasonal flowers and commanding view of the Hidaka mountain range, providing spectacular and impressive scenes. This garden had been created by the beloved “Granny Shichiku,” for over 30 years. (Sadly she has just passed away last May.) She and her garden has been often featured by the TV, Newspaper, Travel magazine, etc. Then proceed to the hotel in Makubetsu Onsen, 1 of only 2 hot spring resorts in the world that use moor hot spring water. It is good for beauty, neuralgia, muscle pains and dermatitis. Enjoy a relaxing soak at the famous Onsen Hot Spring Bath and Open-Air Bath. *Private Onsen is available (own expense)!!



Head to Eastern Hokkaido a popular tourist destination filled with primitive natural wonders. Visit an Ainu village in Lake Akan to see the Ainu ritual dance and singing. Ainu are the aborigines of the Northern part of Japan. These dance rites have been listed as an Intangible World Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Later visit Lake Mashu, considered by many as “Japan’s most beautiful lake” for of its somber beauty. You can see postcard and picture-perfect nature scenery on clear day. Then head to Watanabe Experience Farm where they breed 120 dairy cows on a large 173 acres meadow. We will learn about the dairy farming and cows. Those who would like to try milking or feeding the cow will be given the opportunity. Then head to our hotel facing to Lake Kussharo, a large cobalt blue lake that lies in the largest caldera in Japan. Enjoy a relaxing soak at the Onsen Hot Spring Bath and Open-Air Bath.



Go to Higashi-mokoto to enjoy the impressive view of vibrant pink flowers “Shibazakura” (moss phlox) that blankets a huge hillside. Enjoy strolling around the park with a magnificent scenery of moss phlox resembling little Sakura flowers which create wonderful landscapes. It is one of Hokkaido’s most famous flower fields that should visit at least once in lifetime. Then visit Yama-no Aquarium. It is amazing to see Japan’s biggest freshwater fish “Ito (Japanese Huchen)” swimming and forming groups. Its Basin water tank is Japan’s first water dome tank where you can see the world under the waterfall. Then head to steep cliffs at 530 feet Sounkyo Gorge in a Daisetsuzan National Park with its unusual rock formations and beautiful greenery. See one of the best 100 water falls in Japan, beautiful Ryusei (shooting star) and Ginga (galaxy) Waterfalls, cascading down through columnar joints on the sheer cliff. Hotel is in cozy Sounkyo Hot spring town. Enjoy a relaxing soak at the Onsen Hot spring bath and Open-Air Bath that you can feel nature of Hokkaido.



Head to Sapporo the capital of Hokkaido is an attractive city considered to be “Northern Paradise” with an amazing gourmet food and plenty of picturesque scenery. On the way, visit AEON shopping Mall for lunch and shopping. And stop at a shopping store Sunagawa Highway Oasis where you can shop for Hokkaido’s delicious local specialties. Our hotel is located next to Sapporo station with Department Store and Underground Shopping Mall. After hotel check in, Free time to go Shopping, Packing, etc. We will give everyone a carton box to use for packing their gifts. (2 pieces per person, baggage allowance. Any excess will be paid for by the member). (Lunch and dinner will be at your own expense.)


At checkout time our agent will come to tape and tie-up our boxes and take down baggage to be checked in. We will leave the hotel by bus to Chitose Airport to catch our domestic flight to Narita International Airport. Upon arrival at Narita, transfer to international Airline Flight to Honolulu. Arrive in Honolulu the same morning, 21 MAY (Saturday). After clearing U.S. Customs, proceed home. (Lunch and dinner will be at your own expense.)

Clients remaining back will be assisted in obtaining plane, train, and hotel reservations. Members may return to Honolulu individually, but no later than 90 days from day of departure. Weekend returns will cost more per person. Please call our office if you are extending your stay. MAHALO!

*Buffet meals are subject to change Set meals.