Departure date: 28 February (Tue) 2023

Return date: 12 March (Sun) 2023



Leave Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. A meal and snack will be served aboard the flight. FREE Movies and Drinks.



Arrive at Fukuoka Int’l Airport by direct flight operated by Hawaiian airlines. After clearance of government formalities, by bus to the hotel in Hakata, biggest city in Kyushu. Hotel is located near downtown Nakasu area, where good for shopping and strolling, etc.



Go to Dazaifu used to be an important administrative center of Japan about 1,000 years ago. Visit Tenmangu Shirine, dedicated to the Japanese deity of education. The approach to the shrine is lined with a variety of local shops including shop selling local specialty “Umegae mochi.” You'll get a chance when it’s best eaten hot off the grill. The shrine is also known for Ume blossoms. 6,000 Ume trees will bloom and fill the garden this time of season (depending on the climate). Then visit Konpeito (Japanese sugar candy) Kingdom. Konpeito candy is a traditional Japanese sweets with a history over 460 years. We will try making our own Konpeito candy. Visit Machiya Furusato Museum in a 150-year-old designed houses of a traditional weaver. You'll learn the history and cultural heritage of Hakata with the creative displays of folk culture and items used in everyday life. Also, it will be a perfect place to purchase Hakata’s traditional crafts such as Hakata textile, Hakata doll, etc. You will get a chance to enjoy strolling at Kawabata Shopping Arcade, Hakata’s oldest shopping street lined with various kind of store carrying Traditional souvenirs of Hakata, Japanese tea, etc.



Visit Ushinoo Ume Forest known as the best Ume flower viewing place with 13,000 Ume trees lining over since 19th century. Then head to Huis Ten Bosch a very popular medieval theme park that recreates a Dutch town in the 17th century. Entire park is filled with life size replicas of old Dutch style buildings, lovely windmills, etc., with picturesque canals and beautiful flowers which makes you feel as if you are in Netherlands. Here you can enjoy various types of entertainment. There will be a good chance to catch the spectacular “Kageki the revue (Takarazuka style show). With great singing and dancing by female dancers called the “Broadway in Japan.” Location of our Hotel is right in front of Huis Ten Bosch, with a big gift shop, pastry shop, Onsen Hot Spring bath and Open-air bath. After dinner those that want to go back the park again will experience the Kingdom of lights festival with over 13 million lights and illumination displays throughout the amusement park. This night illumination is ranked as Number 1 in Japan and called the “World’s greatest light festival.”



We will enjoy “Strawberry picking” in season. You get a chance to taste fresh sweet Japanese strawberries right off the vine. Then head to Nagasaki an intriguing and attractive city with an incredible history with close ties to Europe and China. Visit Glover Garden, an emblem of Nagasaki known as the setting for a famous opera Madame Butterfly. The elegance of the period of foreign settlement, nestled in scenic background offers a superb and extensive view of Nagasaki Harbor. The garden feature the 159 years old former Glover Residence, Japan’s oldest western wooden building that has added to the list of World Heritage site. Then visit Dejima, site of the former Dutch trading post that was Japan’s only “Window to the outside world” during the national isolation period (1641-1859). You can enjoy strolling at an open-air museum with many different types of traditional buildings to include various residences for Dutch traders, warehouses, a protestant school, etc. We will stay 2 nights at hotel located close to the Nagasaki train station and shopping building with supermarket, Tokyu Hands, etc. After hotel check-in, tour guide will take you Holo-Holo near the hotel.



Enjoy 1 day Nagasaki city tour! Visit Koshibyo Shrine, Japan’s only full-scale Chinese style Confucius’s mausoleum built in 1893. This colorful, atmospheric shrine is quite prominent that represent unique history of Nagasaki. The museum exhibits a wide range of artifacts from China that shows close relation to Nagasaki. Later visit Nagasaki Peace Park that commemorates the city’s destruction by the Atomic Bomb that was dropped on Aug. 9, 1945. There is a massive Peace Statue and various other statues which promote and urge the concept of World Peace. We will also visit Atomic Bomb Museum, aiming to contribute to the abolition of nuclear weapons and the realization of lasting world peace. You can enjoy shopping for Pearl products one of Nagasaki’s specialties. Tonight’s dinner will be at a restaurant on top of a mountain that will offer breathtaking panoramic view of Nagasaki City Skyline which is considered “1 of 3 most spectacular night views in the world” along with Hong Kong and Monaco.



Today we head to Shimabara peninsula to catch a 45-minute ferry ride to the third largest city in Kyushu “Kumamoto”, an old castle town blessed with an abundance of nature. We'll visit Suizenji Garden. A spacious Japanese style garden built in 17th century that is registered as a National historic site of Scenic beauty. This landscape garden features the reproductions of the 53 post stations of the Tokaido road which is the most important route in Edo period, connecting Kyoto to Edo (modern-day Tokyo). Enjoy a relaxing walk along a circular path where you can even find a miniature Mt. Fuji. Ume flowers should be in full bloom through-out the garden depending on the climate. We will stay at excellent city hotel located center of the city and close to department store and shopping arcade. Enjoy Holo-Holo after hotel check-in.



Head to Hitoyoshi, a 700-year-old castle town called “Small Kyoto in Kyushu.” We'll visit Kamada Jozojo that be producing their Miso & Shoyu for over 90 years. Enjoy shopping for their authentic products at their factory shop. Afterwards, head to Kagoshima that has been gaining attention because of NHK’s 2018 TV Drama “Segodon.” The story of the life of historical figure Takamori Saigo who was born & raised in Kagoshima. Visit Sengan-en Garden that attracts tourists because of a so-called distinction of “1 of the 36 Japan’s most stunning places” selected by CNN. This World Heritage sites was constructed in 1658 with fine design has a refined taste, using Kinko bay to resemble the pond & Sakurajima Island as the miniature mountain of the garden. We'll stay at a modern city hotel that faces Sakurajima Island, the symbol of Kagoshima. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the Onsen Hot Spring bath while viewing Sakurajima Island located in front of the bathtub.



Today we will visit the Museum of Meiji Restoration, you can learn about dramatic history of the Meiji Restoration that is called “the end of Samurai era” with robotic show including Takamori Saigo appearing with English translation. Then catch a 15-minute ferry to Sakurajima Island, one of world’s most active volcanoes with minor eruptions occurs multiple times per day. You can feel the power of nature when you can see steam rising from the earth. Then to Aoshima Island, a National special natural monument with unusual wavy rock formation called Oni-no Sentakuita (Ogre’s washboard), with stripe patterns that show up at low tide. These perfectly straight rows of rock look as if they were manmade. We'll stay at popular resort hotel across Oyodo River. Enjoy a relaxing soak at the Hot Spring bath & Open-air bath.



Go to Saitobaru, a National Historic site where more than 300 burial mounds from 4th ~ 7th century that are scattered around which is the largest site in Japan. Visit Archaeological Museum displaying excavated artifacts from the tombs taking you back to ancient time in Japan. Then go to Usuki to see most celebrated Buddha Sculptures that were carved into the cliff during 12~14th century. The high-quality number of sculptures represent the Japanese piety and Japan’s National Treasure. Then head to Beppu, called “Onsen Hot Spring Capital” because of the world’s 2nd largest source of thermal spring water after Yellowstone National Park. Tonight you can enjoy the famous Beppu’s Onsen Hot Spring bath & Open-air bath. You can try using the mixed bathing Onsen “Soranoyu” with wearing a bathing suit. If you wish you can rent a bathing suit if you did not bring one.(Limited number)



We will enjoy and experience the awesome Beppu Jigoku (Hell of Boiling Spring). Tour the hot springs for spectacular views instead of bathing which has a different effect in its own way. We will see Chinoike Jigoku (blood pond Hell) features a pond of hot, blood-red water. This amazing pond takes its impressive color from red clay that dissolves in the natural hot spring water. And see Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell). One of the most beautiful hells features a pond of boiling, turquoise blue water that resembles the sea. Its waters are 394ft depth & with a temperature of 208 degree F. Later go to Ao-no Domon that is the rugged 600ft long tunnel that one Buddhist monk in 18th century had dug only by using chisel by his hand and taking 30 years to complete. You can feel the monk’s indomitable spirit trying to repent for his sins. Then to Kita Kyushu, the second largest city in Kyushu. We'll stay 2 nights at hotel next to Kokura station & its shopping area. Upon arrival at hotel, tour guide will take you Holo-Holo to station area.



We will go to Shiranoe Botanical Garden to see the early bloomers from the 60 different varieties of 800 Sakura Cherry trees depending on mother nature. And visit TOTO Museum The world’s most innovative toilet company "TOTO" opened their museum on the company’s 100th anniversary. It’s a fun museum where you can learn everything about toilets and the transition and evolution of Japanese toilet culture. Its museum shop carries various original goods that are fun for souvenirs. Then cross Kanmon Straits to get Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture, known by some great historical sea battles in Japanese history such as battle leading to the fall of the Heike clan in 1185 & duel between Musashi Miyamoto & Kojiro Sasaki in 1612. We'll visit famous Karato fish Market for some fun shopping for dried seafood, seaweed, processed sea products, etc with a lively atmosphere. This will be the best chance to enjoy today’s fresh caught Sushi at the famous fish market (You can purchase at your own expense from 1 piece to several pieces). Enjoy shopping and lunch at Aeon Shopping Mall before going back to the hotel. (Lunch and dinner will be at your own expense.)


At checkout time our agent will come to tape and tie-up the boxes and take the baggage to be checked-in down. In the afternoon proceed by bus to Fukuoka International Airport to catch Hawaiian Airline Flight in the evening to Honolulu. Arrive in Honolulu the same morning, 13 MAR (SUN) After clearing U.S. Customs, proceed home. (Lunch and dinner will be at your own expense.)

Clients remaining back will be assisted in obtaining plane, train, and hotel reservations. Members may return to Honolulu individually, but no later than 90 days from day of departure. Weekend returns will cost more per person. Please call our office if you are extending your stay. MAHALO!

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