Departure date: 29 May (Mon) 2023

Return date: 10 June (Sat) 2023



Leave Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. A meal and Snack will be served aboard the flight. Free Movies and Drinks.



Arrive at Haneda Int’l Airport and after government formalities, transfer to your connecting flight to Itami Airport. Upon arrival, go directly to Sakai in Osaka a historical city located at the entrance of Osaka Bay. We will stay at elegant urban hotel located close to train station.



Sakai is where ancient mounded tombs built 1,600 years ago still remain and those attracting the world's attention since the inscription on the World Heritage List in 2019. Its most famous Emperor Nintoku's Tomb is one of the world’s three largest tombs along with the pyramid in Egypt, the Qin Emperor tomb of China. We will visit the newly opened in 2021, Mozu Mounded Tombs Visitor Center to acquire new knowledge with guidance panels and the ultra-high definition 8K movie of aerial images that bring you into the stunning scenery of the tumulus of Japanese kings. Then head to Danjiri Festival Museum. This festival is considered to be one of the wildest and roughest festivals in Japan. We will watch a video with vigorous visual sound. It gives you the sensation of the Danjiri Festival, an ongoing tradition for 320 years. Then proceed to Kii Peninsula the largest peninsula in Japan and renowned for the stunningly beautiful natural creations and spiritual hubs. Go to Yuasa that claims to be the Birthplace of Soy Sauce. Visit Shoyu Factory to see the whole process of making local Shoyu and its history which started in 1881. You can purchase their many varieties of products. Then head to Shirahama, established as a goodwill sister beach relationship with Waikiki beach. We will stay 2 nights at resort hotel faces pacific ocean. Enjoy Hot Spring bath and Open air bath with beautiful ocean view. 



Visit Adventure world. A mega theme park with a Zoo, Aquarium and Amusement Park which ranked #1 in 2018 as "Best Zoo in Japan" by Trip Advisor. The main attraction is Panda Land, here you can get very close to the Panda! This is 1 of only 3 places where they have Giant Panda in Japan! Furthermore, you will be able to ride a Safari car to see Lion, Giraffe, Cheetah, Zebra, etc. A fabulous Dolphin Show can be seen at the Big Ocean Stadium. Also get close-up views of Chimpanzee, Hippopotamus, etc. Then visit Ume-boshi (Pickled plum) factory. This area is known for producing the Best Ume-boshi in Japan. Kishu Ume-boshi is the most popular of its kind. Great opportunity to sample the different flavors and buy World’s famous Kishu Ume-boshi and Ume Sake for souvenir. 



We'll visit Shirahama’s highlight sightseeing places that designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty. First, go to its symbol Engetsu Island, a particular rock isle with a full moonlike hole in the middle. Senjojiki Rock Plateau, a spacious horizontally multi-tiered rocks looks like a thousand Tatami Mat. Sandanheki (three-tiered wall) cliff, with 200 feet high precipitous rock walls dropping away vertiginously into the sea. Then go to Kushimoto Marine Park, located in the southern-most point of Honshu (Mainland of Japan). Visit its Aquarium with Underwater observation tower. It’s an excellent chance to have a close encounter with this rare & beautiful underwater world with colorful tropical fishes, the World’s northern-most coral reef ecosystem, etc. We'll stay 2 nights at Onsen resort hotel located in Kushimoto, southernmost of Kii Peninsula. Enjoy the Onsen Hot Spring bath and Open air Rock bath overlooking beautiful Pacific Ocean and sunrise in the morning. 



Visit the World’s largest Whale Museum in Taiji. About 1,000 valuable information regarding the life of whales and whaling are displayed. You will get to see a life-size model of a 50 feet Bowhead whale which is suspended from the ceiling. You can also enjoy the Aquarium, Dolphin and Pilot whale show, etc. Afterwards head to Nachi, 1 of 3 ancient sanctuaries in Kumano. If you wish to you can walk along a short trail that is part of Kumano-Kodo Pilgrimage Routes. For over 1,000 years Japanese people have made the arduous pilgrimage to Kumano. These pilgrims used a network of routes (Kumano-Kodo). Walking the ancient pilgrimage route is a fantastic way to experience the unique cultural landscape of Kumano's spiritual countryside. We will also visit World Heritage site Nachi Waterfall. Japan’s highest waterfall with a 400 feet. drop is 1 of CNN’s “Japan's 36 most beautiful places.” Harmoniously created by a great waterfall and mystic primeval forests is completely amazing.



Visit Hashikui Iwa Rocks. Many sizes of over 40 strange shaped rocks rise up in a row for about half a mile. Such strange spectacle of natural beauty as if the supports of a bridge. This magnificent nature landscape is designated as National Natural Treasure. Kumano Kodo is an ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage Road running through the Kii Mountain Range. It's one of only two pilgrimages in the world registered as World Heritage Site. We will visit Kumano Kodo Center. The history and culture of sacred places and pilgrimage routes are effectively introduced by video, presenting replicas and pictures. We will stay 2 nights at hotel in Shima city. Enjoy soaking in a big public bath (Sorry! Not Onsen Hot Spring bath). 



Go to Ise Grand Shrine the largest and most sacred shrine in Japan. It is believed to have been established over 2,000 years ago. Thus, the imperial family has visited this shrine quite often. When you walk along the path leading to the main building amid a dense forest of giant cedar trees, you will feel Japanese sacredness worshippers have felt since olden times. Then visit Okage Yokocho Shopping Alley in front of shrine which creates a nostalgic atmosphere of the Edo period. You can experience the flavor of old shops, regional specialties, history and customs while strolling around and shopping. Later proceed to world-famous Mikimoto Pearl Island where the world's first cultivated pearl was successfully produced in 1893. We will see Women divers show and visit Pearl Museum provides detailed explanations about pearls and the cultivation of pearls. You can view and purchase a wide variety of pearl jewelry at their pearl specialty store. Then visit Ishigami shrine known as a shrine that grants 1 wish for women. Female divers in this area have prayed for safety diving and a good catch. Japanese female TV stars and athletes who had won a gold medal at the Olympic games coming to this Shrine continuously. Please narrow down your wishes down to only 1 before visiting this shrine! 



We'll visit Meoto Iwa (Wedded rocks). Two sacred rocks representing husband and wife that are connected by the sacred "Shimenawa" rope which acts as the division between the spiritual and earthly realms.  Later enjoy lunch and shopping at Aeon Shopping Center. Then go to the old post town of Seki-juku designated as National Historical District and the only remaining historical inn district along Tokaido road. About 200 ancient old settlement houses which flourished during Edo period (1603~1868) still remain in this town. You may feel like you are traveling back to the Samurai era when you walk through the beautiful old town. We will stay 2 nights at the hotel connecting to a shopping center with supermarket, 100 Yen shop, etc. Enjoy shopping after hotel check in. 



Go to Suzuka City Traditional Industries Museum, exhibiting representative works of traditional crafts in Suzuka, Suzuka ink painting and Ise pattern paper. We’ll try our hand at making a bookmarker with traditional stencil paper pattern chiseling. Do you know that Ninjas were indeed real? We’ll go to Iga, 1 of two homelands of the legendary “Ninja”. You'll discover many secrets of the Iga-ryu Ninja at the Ninja Museum. It offers a glimpse into the life of Ninja and their skills. See a real Ninja house with fake hallways, revolving wall, trap doors, etc. And watch an interesting Ninja show, features authentic Ninja skills and real weapons. 



Visit Rokkaen Garden, a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful Japanese garden with superb architecture that is designated as a National Scenic Spot. Main feature is a residence built in 1913 that represents a valuable ancient structural heritage which splendidly harmonizes Japanese and Western architectural styles. It is also designated as an Important Cultural Property. Then go to Nabana-no sato Flower Park. Enjoy strolling around a huge flower garden with a variety of seasonal flowers. Roses will be in seasonal bloom (depending on climate of the year). Later proceed to Mentai Park Tokoname, a theme park of Mentaiko (spicy-seasoned cod roe). There is a museum where you can learn about the history of Mentaiko and how it is made. You can buy tasty Mentaiko Chips which is good for souvenir. The next building is Costco Wholesale store. If you are member of Costco, don't forget to bring member card. Then head to Toyohashi. We will stay 2 nights at the hotel located right next to MEGA Don Quijote shopping center with supermarket. Enjoy shopping after hotel check in. 



Visit Atsumi Peninsula with an abundance of nature & a warm climate. We’ll taste piece of fresh “Musk Melon” called "King of Fruits" in season. Aichi’s Melon is a premium brand due to its sweet taste and aroma. Later enjoy shopping and lunch at Laguna Ten bosch, big shopping place carries variety of local specialties include dried seafood, Tsukemono pickles, local snacks, Unagi (eel) Bento, etc. Main feature in this area is Shrimp chips. You can buy lots of flavors ones for your souvenir. Then visit Fukui Sake Brewery. Enjoy tasting the famous Toyohashi Sake. After going back to the hotel, Free time to continue shopping, packing or just rest. (Lunch & dinner will be at your own expense.)


At checkout time our agent will come to tape and tie-up the boxes and take the baggage to be checked-in down. We will leave the hotel by bus to Chubu Airport  to catch our domestic flight to Narita Int’l Airport. Upon arrival at Narita, transfer to International Airline Flight to Honolulu. Arrive in Honolulu the same morning, 10 JUN (Saturday).  After clearing U.S. Customs, proceed home. (Lunch & dinner will be at your own expense.)

Clients remaining back will be assisted in obtaining plane, train, and hotel reservations. Members may return to Honolulu individually, but no later than 90 days from day of departure. Weekend returns will cost more per person. Please call our office if you are extending your stay. MAHALO!

*Buffet meals are subject to change Set meals.


AIR: Estimated airfare and May be more or May be less at time of ticket purchased. $375.00 Cancellation Fee is usually charged by the airlines.

INCLUDES: Land Transportation included in the itinerary, all hotel accommodations, meals, and all sightseeing listed, all transfer of passenger and baggage, souvenir picture and tour tax.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: AIRFARES, Individual expenses after termination of tour as stated in itinerary. Also, wine, liquor, mineral water, laundry and other items of personal nature, cost of obtaining passport and visa or other necessary documents.

Congratulations World Heritage Registration for "Mozu-Furuichi Mounded Tombs"!!