Departure date: 30 September (Sat) 2023

Return date: 12 October (Thu) 2023

COST OF GROUND TOUR (12 DAYS): $5,080.00



*Price is Based on ¥100 Yens to a U.S. Dollar rate*

 Please call for current pricing thank you.


Sep. 30 (Sat) HONOLULU,

Leave Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. A meal and snack will be served aboard the flight. Free Movies and Drinks.

Oct. 1 (Sun) CHITOSE,


Arrive at Haneda International Airport and after government formalities, transfer to your connecting flight to Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. Upon  arrival we will go directly to the hotel in Chitose city, a 15-minute bus ride from the airport.

Oct. 2 (Mon) CHITOSE,


Visit Japan’s biggest English style garden, the beautiful “Yuni Garden” featuring 15 different themed colorful flower gardens which filled with a variety of flowers in season. We will see Kochia (Summer Cypress) turning its color to burning red, covering the ground like fire balls. Its gift shop carries original jams, herb teas, local pickles, etc., those are good for souvenir. Later enjoy shopping and tasting Sake at Kobayashi Shuzo Brewery who have 145 years history. We will go inside of 100 years old brick storehouses that are famous historic buildings in the area. Next, we will visit Yubari Cinema Town. The 1977 movie "the Yellow Handkerchief" is a modern Japanese masterpiece that remade by Hollywood in 2008. It’s filmed in here, “Yubari” the central Hokkaido. The original movie set has been preserved and now an interesting open-air museum which provides a unique first-hand glimpse into the making of one of Japan’s true movie classics. After going back to the hotel, you can enjoy “Holo Holo” and shopping.

Oct. 3 (Tue) ASAHIKAWA,


Head to Furano, an attractive destination in Hokkaido known for its pleasant and picturesque rural landscapes. We will visit Farm Tomita. A pleasant view is offered throughout the seasons. In Autumn, red and yellow flowers such as Marigold and Salvia will fill their fields. And enjoy driving through Biei, surrounded by a pleasant hilly landscape that is praised as “the most beautiful village in Japan.” We will enjoy a view of Patchwork Hill. A hillside covered with various colors of shrubbery looks like a huge patchwork quilt. This breathtaking view of the picturesque beautiful hills makes here "One of the most popular sightseeing spots in Hokkaido". Then visit Shikisai Flower Garden, a panoramic flower garden where you can leap into the grand nature of Hokkaido. Then head to Asahikawa, 2nd largest city in Hokkaido. Our hotel is located close to Asahikawa train station and Aeon Shopping Mall. After hotel arrival, tour guides will take you Holo-Holo around the hotel. You can also enjoy relaxing soak at Onsen Hot Spring bath.



In the morning, visit Asahikawa’s highlight attraction "Asahiyama Zoo", a very popular zoological garden rated as the most innovative zoo in Japan because of its unique viewing facilities in observing the amazing abilities of animals in an environment of wilderness which is designed to be as close to their natural habit as possible. About 150 species of animals can be seen including Tiger, Chimpanzee, Polar bear, Lion, Penguin, etc. Then we will proceed to Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan’s largest National Park that known for serene alpine landscapes created by a series of 6,600 feet-high volcanic mountains of virtually unspoiled wilderness. We will ride Asahidake Ropeway to go up to 5th station of Mt. Asahidake (5,250 feet high) which is the highest peak of Hokkaido. You will see spectacular view of great nature and glorious mountain sceneries with an easy and great way. Here’s well known for featuring the firstest stunning vibrant Autumn colors in Japan. Trees, bushes and alpine plants will display their final beauty in red and yellow colors. Tonight’s hotel is in cozy Sounkyo Hot Spring town. Enjoy relaxing soak in Onsen Hot Spring bath and one of Hokkaido’s biggest Open-Air bath which have waterfall.

Oct. 5 (Thu) LAKE SAROMA,


In the morning, enjoy driving along Sounkyo Gorge. This spectacular giant gorge consisting of 300 feet high cliffs that stretches over 15 miles. We will view the unusual rock formations along the gorge will be filled with Autumn Color which is expected during this time. And we will visit another highlight of the National Park, the 390 feet high cascading waterfall of “Ryusei or Shooting Star and "Ginga" or Galaxy Waterfalls. Those two magnificent waterfalls make you feel Sounkyo is a real nature paradise. Later visit the Fresh Water Aquarium that is a popular tourist attraction in West Hokkaido. It’s amazing to see the largest freshwater fish of Japan the "Ito" or the Japanese Huchen swimming in a large water tank. Then head to the third largest lake in Japan the picturesque Lake Saroma. Our accommodation tonight is a nice resort hotel that faces the lake. Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner featuring local sea foods, etc., and a relaxing soak at the Onsen Hot Spring bath and Open-Air Rotenburo bath with a beautiful lake view

Oct. 6 (Fri) SHIRETOKO,


Visit Abashiri Prison Museum that you can learn about the socio- political history of Japan. It served as a working prison until 1984 and was Japan’s most notorious and most feared prison. You can learn and experience the daily life of the prisoners through several original buildings and structures of the old prison. Then proceed to the World Heritage-recognized region of Shiretoko Peninsula that is the last pristine wilderness remaining in Japan. We will enjoy sightseeing the "Land of outstanding natural beauty" Shiretoko National Park, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled National Parks in Japan. First, visit the Oshin Koshin Waterfall, selected as 1 of 8 most picturesque spots of Shiretoko that should not miss. This tall and magnificent waterfall is also called “Twin Beauties Waterfall” because the flow of water is split into two halfway down. You will get a glimpse of Mother Nature at work with Shiretoko. We will also visit Shiretoko 5 Lakes another 1 of 8 views of Shiretoko that is small quiet picturesque lakes surrounded by wild forest. This place is great to experience a vast abundance of nature within Shiretoko. In autumn, lakes transform into a nature landscape art of shimmering Autumn colors. The crystal-clear surfaces of small lakes reflect the surrounding colorful trees and mountain range. We will stay at the hotel famous for big buffet dinner which ranked as “Best buffet in Hokkaido” with over 80 kinds of dishes including Crab, Local Seafood Sashimi, Scallop, Sushi, Tempura, etc. Enjoy a relaxing soak at Onsen Hot Spring bath and Open-Air bath where you can enjoy a panoramic view. A Private Onsen is available at your own expense.

Oct. 7 (Sat) LAKE AKAN,


Enjoy driving while seeing stunning views along Shiretoko Pass. It’s expected to be right timing the pass will be graced with the vibrant colors of Autumn leaves. You will get a magnificent outlook of stunning Autumn foliage in every direction. You will also see Kunashiri Island (Russian held island) on a clear day. Then visit Salmon Science Museum that contains more than 20 kinds of salmon from all over the world. This is the right season that Salmon comes back from the ocean to the river to lay the eggs. You will see wild salmon swimming in an actual river. Then go to Lake Akan, surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery and famous for high-quality hot springs. Our hotel is located by the lake and easy to go to lake side. In the evening enjoy another Big Buffet Dinner and a relaxing soak on the top floor at the Onsen Hot Spring bath. They have "Infinity Edge Open-Air bath". You will look as if the hot spring bath water and Lake Akan become united while soaking in the bath.

Oct. 8 (Sun) KUSHIRO,


We will enjoy taking a Sightseeing boat Cruise on lake Akan where you can enjoy an endless view of beautiful nature. We will see untouched forest that illustrates unspoiled beauty with Autumn color (Expected to be right timing). Later visit Ainu village to see Ainu Dance and Ritual Show which is registered as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You can also enjoy strolling around their village lined by souvenir shops specializing in Ainu handicrafts. Then proceed to Tancho Crane Nature Park to see symbolic bird of Japan “Tancho” the Japanese Red-headed Crane and officially designated as a Living Japanese Monument and its habitat is only around this area. These cranes are snowy white, with black tipped wings and a bright red throat and head, is the biggest and most majestic birds of Japan.

Oct. 9 (Mon) ASAHIKAWA,


Go to a renowned Washo Ichiba Market, a public fish market where over 60 stores carrying local sea products, dried seafood items, etc. Enjoy shopping of Hokkaido’s seafood products and souvenirs at the “one of Hokkaido’s top three markets.” If you like you can try its famous “Katte don Seafood donburi” (your own expense). First, purchase a bowl of rice, then walk the rows of shops selecting your favorite seafood items as toppings. Good chance to taste freshly caught seafood from Kushiro Port with easy way. Then head to Obihiro spreading out in vast Tokachi plain known for farming of soybeans, sugar beets, potatoes and dairy farming in large scale as their main industry We will visit Obihiro Banba Horse Racetrack. Banba is a dynamic and exciting horserace which draft horses pull heavy sleds up sand ramps. It originated from horsepower contest in the pioneer days of Hokkaido. Hotel is located next to Obihiro station and shopping center is walking distance. Tour guide will take you Holo Holo after hotel check in.

Oct. 10 (Tue) SAPPORO,


We will visit Sugar Beet Museum. You will know more about Sugar Beet production that is one of the most important crops in Tokachi region. Then we will head to Tomamu, a modern, high class ski resort area at the foot of the Hidaka Mountains in central Hokkaido. We will make a lunch stop at Tomamu Resort which is the land mark of the area. You will feel a Hokkaido’s Autumn in vast field where cows and sheep are grazing. Then head to Sapporo, largest city in Hokkaido. We will stay 2 nights at hotel which is located next to Sapporo station with Department Store and Underground Shopping Mall. After hotel check in, tour guide will take you to shopping area around the hotel.

Oct. 11 (Wed) SAPPORO,


In the morning, go to Hoheikyo Dam filled with Autumn color (expected to be right timing). This area is famed sight for the beautiful autumn color. In season, the whole ravine becomes a canvas of colorful leaves. Then go to Ario Shopping Mall for shopping and lunch. After going back to the hotel, it'll be your Free time to continue shopping, packing etc. (Lunch / Dinner will be at your own expense.)


At checkout time our agent will come to tape and tie-up our boxes and take down baggage to be checked in. We will leave the hotel by bus to Chitose Airport to catch our domestic flight to Haneda Int’l Airport. Upon arrival at Haneda, transfer to International Airline Flight to Honolulu. Arrive in Honolulu the same morning, October. 12 (Thursday) After clearing U.S. Customs, proceed home. (Lunch / Dinner will be at your own expense.)

*Buffet meals are subject to change Set meals.


AIR: Estimated airfare and May be more or May be less at time of ticket purchased. $375.00 Cancellation Fee is usually charged by the airlines.

INCLUDES: Land Transportation included in the itinerary, all hotel accommodations, meals, and all sightseeing listed, all transfer of passenger and baggage, souvenir picture and tour tax.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: AIRFARES, Individual expenses after termination of tour as stated in itinerary. Also, wine, liquor, mineral water, laundry and other items of personal nature, cost of obtaining passport and visa or other necessary documents.


70 DAYS - 46 DAYS --- $400.00*

45 DAYS - 31 DAYS --- $600.00*

30 DAYS - 16 DAYS --- $800.00*

15 DAYS - 01 DAY --- $1000.00*

*No refund once tour starts.

*May have extra cancellation charges for Miyako Odori show tickets, Tokyo Disney Sea tickets, Shinkansen ticket fee, etc. If Yen was already purchase to pay for this tour, Then the Yen exchange rate at time of refund will affect the refund since we have to convert the Yen back to U.S. dollars again.


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