Tour Conditions

AIR: Estimated airfare and May be more or May be less at time of ticket purchased. Airline tickets are Non-refundable once purchased unless you request a refundable ticket is usually charged by the airlines. 

INCLUDES: Land Transportation included in the itinerary, all hotel accommodations, meals, and all sightseeing listed, all transfer of passenger and baggage, souvenir picture and tour tax.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Airfares, Individual expenses after termination of tour as stated in itinerary. Also, wine, liquor, mineral water, laundry and other items of personal nature, cost of obtaining passport and visa or other necessary documents.

BAGGAGE: Limited to 1 piece (50 lbs./piece), and 1 hand-carry.

RESPONSIBILITY: The tour organizer or any travel agencies involved, act only as agents for the passengers regarding travel, sightseeing, hotel and meal arrangements, and other tour services. The organizer/agency will accept no responsibility or liability in respect of either person or property for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity, however, occasioned, sustained, or suffered in or during any journey, trip, or tour, or in carrying out of any arrangements booked by or through it. If the agency becomes aware that a passenger has a special chronic health problem, the agency shall ensure that it is provided with a letter from the passenger’s personal physician stating the nature of such health problem and certifying that the passenger is physically fit to participate in the tour. Also, in our endeavor to ensure congenial membership, we reserve the right to refuse the application of anyone and / or to expel from the tour, members whose conduct is incompatible with the interests of the tour. Further, we reserve the right to refuse the application of any handicapped passenger if it is determined that such passenger would impede the schedule of the tour and greatly inconvenience most tour members. However, if a handicapped passenger accepted for the tour requires any form of special assistance, he/she must be accompanied by a qualified helper who takes total responsibility for the handicapped passenger’s wellbeing. Baggage’s are at owner’s own risk. The right is reversed to make any necessary changes in tour if deemed advisable. Also, the airlines and other transportation companies concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time passengers are not on board their carriers concerned. The airline ticket and passage contract in use by the airlines concerned when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the airlines and purchaser of the tour and/or passenger. The services of any IATA Carrier will be used as required.  Thank You Very Much!

AIR SURCHARGE WAIVED FOR YEAR 2020: Tour members not purchasing their airline tickets through Tohoku Travel Service, Inc. will not be assessed a $375.00 per person surcharge. But you must find your own transportation to the hotel. Same goes for departures from Japan. You must find your own way to the airport. Thank You!

TRAVEL ETIQUETTE: Please no smoking and rotate seats on buses. A bus seating chart will be made. Traveling to Japan in the New Normal

FOOD REQUEST: If you cannot eat certain foods, please do not forget to turn in your request form, 30 days before departure or ASAP, so we may try to comply with your request.

TOUR CONDITIONS REMINDER: Two persons sharing a twin-bedded room. All tours as per itinerary and is subject to changes. The cost of tour includes ground tour. The ground tour is based on ¥100 Yens to a U.S. Dollar rate. In case of any re-valuation, the price shall be adjusted accordingly at time of payment. See Yen chart. The airfares are present rates, and should the airfares be changed, adjustments will be made accordingly. The Yen rate of the day will be used at time of payment. Travel insurance is recommended. MAHALO!

FINAL TOUR PAYMENT: 70 days before departure


90 DAYS - 46 DAYS --- $800.00*

45 DAYS - 22 DAYS --- $1,000.00*

21 DAYS - 01 DAY ----- $1,500.00*

*No refund once tour starts. *May have extra cancellation charges along with the preordered event tickets for Miyako Odori show tickets, Tokyo Disney Sea tickets, Shinkansen ticket fee, etc. If Yen was already purchase to pay for this tour, Then the Yen exchange rate at time of refund will affect the refund since we have to convert the Yen back to U.S. dollars again.


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